Possible wolf attack on dog in Sooke unable to be confirmed: BCCOS

Possible wolf attack on dog in Sooke unable to be confirmed: BCCOS

The BC Conservation Officer Service says it has been alerted to a possible wolf attack in Sooke, but after investigating, officers are unable to determine if a wolf was responsible for the death of a dog.

In an emailed statement, BCCOS says it is aware of a reported attack on Jan. 31 on Connie Road in Sooke, but wolf attacks on pets are uncommon in the CRD.

The service says everyone should take precautions for wildlife encounters when outdoors, especially in wilderness recreational areas.

When outdoors, it is advised to travel in groups, make noise to scare off wildlife, and pet owners are advised to keep dogs on a leash.

If someone encounters a wolf, BCCOS advises to not run away, but instead use stones, sticks, rocks, loud noises, waving arms and aggressive yelling while maintaining eye contact to scare it away.

Leave lots of space between you and the wolf, and do not stop to take pictures.

The BCCOS also says it is important to not feed wildlife and to ensure all garbage and food is secured in a way wildlife cannot access.

Wildlife conflicts can be reported to the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-7277.

In mid-January, there was another report of a dog that was fatally attacked by a wolf near Sooke.

The BC COS did not say whether these two incidents are likely to be the same wolf.


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