Port Alberni breaks temperature records


WATCH: Downtown Port Alberni topped 35 C Monday and Kendall Hanson spent the day finding out what people are doing to beat the heat.

Port Alberni is used to hot days in the summer but a June heat wave is catching everyone off guard.

“Usually we have later summers and our summers extend into October so it’s pretty early to have that type of heat at the moment,” said Rikki Sery, a Port Alberni resident.

Yesterday was a record-breaking 32.4 degrees Celsius, breaking a record set in 2004.

“It’s very abnormal,” said Jim Garnier, a Port Alberni resident. “Normally we’re 20, 25 right now and this is way hotter than it normally is.”

Environment Canada is warning of the sun and heat for the next several days.

“It’s crazy,” said Charley Frow, a Port Alberni resident. “It’s scary I think. Keeping kids cool and elders is very important.”

Many are taking the advice of experts. They are wearing hats, drinking lots of fluids and staying in the shade.

“No, I don’t like the heat but I have to accept it,” said one tourist from Holland who wished to remain anonymous.

While heat can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for some, it is welcomed by others.

Harbour Scoop is among the businesses that see a jump in revenues when record heat arrives earlier than normal.

“Well from the weather we’ve been having a great increase,” said Beth Larsen, Harbour Scoop’s owner. “It probably doubles at least.”

And for Port Alberni’s fiddlers, the show must go on in the heat. However, how they work changes.

“More breaks, more water, leave early,” said Clem Stewart of Al Brown Roofing.

Port Alberni is expected to remain hotter than normal until Thursday.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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