‘Please solve this case’: Outreach worker pleads for an arrest in Whiskey Creek triple murder

WatchHalloween will mark one year since a shocking triple murder rocked Whiskey Creek. 12 months on, the crime remains unsolved and residents' fear remains.

Kelly Morris is still wracked with guilt over the unsolved triple murder in Whiskey Creek.

“I think about it every day,” said Morris, a peer support and outreach worker in Oceanside.

The remains of three people were found in what remained of two burned-out RV’s, along with the bodies of their four dogs back on Nov. 1, 2020. One man was found badly injured, but alive.

According to Morris, she was headed out to the remote off-grid camp in Whiskey Creek, that night of Halloween 2020 to deliver supplies to the homeless, but said she was warned against it.

Now she wonders if she could have stopped the tragedy that would be stumbled upon by a dirtbiker the next day.

“And the collateral damage, there were dogs that were killed, there were people innocent there that died,” said Morris.

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Sources tell CHEK News, that 52-year-old Shawn McGrath who had been living off-grid in his RV at the site for months was one of those killed and the likely target of the attack.

At the time of his death, McGrath had a long criminal record and was facing drug trafficking charges at the time of the murder.

“I guess the people that hurt him didn’t realize that there were some innocent people there that didn’t deserve to be shot,” said Morris.

Sources also say McGrath’s longtime girlfriend Shanda Wilson is also believed to be among the victims.

RCMP told CHEK News Wednesday that while the case is still being actively investigated, they have nothing new to report — leaving those living in the area and close to the case, nervous that the killer is still out there.

“As a worker, I’ve got a lot of fear in me too because I enter these bushes and I used to think I was safe a one point,” said Morris.

However, there is one positive that has come from this very grim crime. The slayings at the homeless camp raised awareness about the many vulnerable people living in the bush in the mid-Island region and that it led to a shelter opening up in Oceanside.

“Now we do have a shelter. That’s the good news. We got 25 rooms from BC Housing and, you know, it’s just a blessing,” said Morris.

But as the one-year anniversary nears, she has a plea for police.

“Please solve this case. Don’t let it go cold,” said Morris.

Kelly Morris, a peer support and outreach worker in Oceanside, is pleading with the police to solve a triple-murder that took place in Whiskey Creek last year. (CHEK News)

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