CHEK Upside: Three sets of siblings preparing for Chargers’ return to play

WatchAs the Camosun Chargers get ready to start the 2021-2022 PACWEST season, three sets of siblings are gearing up for the return to action.

Throughout their basketball careers, fraternal twins Austin and Calvin Somers have always been together.

“I mean there’s always sometimes where it’s just like go to your room, I don’t want to talk to you right now,” says Austin.

“But for the most part, we can definitely handle each other.”

Both brothers are on the Camosun Chargers men’s basketball team and have a bond both on and off the court.

“Since I’ve been playing with him this whole time, my whole career and even just like going to class I’m just around him constantly,” says Austin.

“So I always know what he’s kind of thinking.”

“My parents would tell me that we had our own language when we were growing up,” says Calvin.

“We’ve always been super close and had that bond, so we kind of just know where each other are on the court at all times.”

That sixth sense is something that sisters Maddie and Reese Manns experienced for the first time a few weeks ago when they took to the basketball court together during women’s pre-season action.

“I felt like team chemistry right away and sibling chemistry,” says Maddie.

“I knew where to pass and she’d already be there.”

“She was passing balls ahead of me and just like right for a layup and it was amazing,” says Reese.

On the volleyball court there’s another sister duo in Hannah and Gracie May. Hannah was on the Chargers first and was thrilled when she learned her little sister was joining the team.

“We’ve played together for 11 years now, so just being able to have an extra five now six years together is really cool,” says Hannah.

“I know a lot of people don’t get to play post-secondary sports with their siblings so it’s a really cool opportunity that we have.”

“She committed first, so it made me want to follow in her footsteps,” says Gracie.

“When I did get the offer from [Chargers head coach] Brent Hall and my family found out we were going we were all extremely happy.”

The Chargers men and women’s basketball seasons tip-off at home Nov. 5, while the men and women’s volleyball teams’ first home game will be Nov. 19.

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Sisters Maddie and Reese Manns are teammates on the Camosun Chargers women’s basketball team.

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