Petition to save tree at Humboldt and Government launched

Petition to save tree at Humboldt and Government launched

Signs could be seen around the iconic tree in downtown Victoria Saturday.

Protest signs could be seen Saturday around the iconic aspen tree in downtown Victoria.

An online petition looking to save an aspen tree near the Inner Harbour slated for removal has been launched.

The site has over half of its targetted 1,000 signatures.

“They can replan their design to go around this living part of Victoria B.C. and show the world that we care about our precious living species that we share our space with,” said the petition.

The tree on Humboldt and Government Streets will be removed so the city can re-configure an intersection to accommodate a new bike lane along Wharf and Humboldt Streets, in addition to making a pedestrian scramble-type intersection.

Signs and fencing from the city around the tree were recently removed, but when asked city officials say the plans have not changed.

Following public concern earlier this month, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said the removal is unfortunate, but the trees are in the way.

“Once upon a time when the city was designed for cars, someone planted a tree in the middle of the road so it would look nice as cars drove by. Right now, we’re building the city for people, putting trees on the sidewalk where they belong, where people can use them for shade. And we are re-configuring the road to be friendly for cyclists and pedestrians,” Helps said to CHEK News on Jan 18.

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On Saturday signs protesting the removal could be seen around the tree.


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