Pest control monitoring for cockroaches at Saanich Peninsula Hospital: health authority

Pest control monitoring for cockroaches at Saanich Peninsula Hospital: health authority
A German cockroach is seen in this photo provided by Orkin Canada.

Island Health says a pest control contractor continues to visit Saanich Peninsula Hospital after cockroaches were recently spotted inside the facility.

While German cockroaches were found at the hospital on Mt. Newton Cross Road, the health authority says they haven’t been seen there since April 22.

“These bugs do not bite and do not transmit disease,” Island Health told CHEK News Monday. “A pest control contractor was immediately contacted and continues to visit the site twice a week to monitor traps and advise.”

According to Health Canada, the German cockroach is “one of the most common household cockroaches in the world.” They measure about 1.3 to 1.6 cm long, are tan to light brown and have wings, but cannot fly.

Roaches “contaminate food and spread disease by walking over, and excreting on, food or food preparation areas after having travelled through garbage and/or sewers. People with asthma may have a negative reaction to their droppings (feces) and body parts,” says Health Canada.

“Once inside a building, they travel quite easily. Because cockroaches are most active at night, they may go unnoticed for some time.”

Island Health says staff have been asked to record sightings and that pest control measures will continue despite the lack of sightings since last Monday.

The hospital, built in 1974, is a one-floor facility with more than 140 beds. Its emergency department has been closed overnight since last July.

“We have established protocols to respond whenever insects are discovered in our health-care facilities. Response measures include traps, pest management and prevention, as well as enhanced house cleaning procedures,” Island Health added.

“Saanich Peninsula Hospital remains a safe place to access care.”

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