Parents of missing Victoria man hope for information about his whereabouts

Parents of missing Victoria man hope for information about his whereabouts
David Johnstone has been missing since July 27.

David Johnstone has been missing from Victoria since July 27, and his dad says he has been struggling with his mental health for the past few years.

Reginald Johnstone, David’s dad, says a few years ago David was admitted to hospital where he was diagnosed with a mental health condition.

“They diagnosed him with a mental condition, and so he was in for about two months the first time, and then they discharged him,” Reginald said. “Everything well went well, as long as he took his medication, but they found out that some days he didn’t take his medication. So what happened? He ended up back in hospital again.”

Reginald, who lives in Vancouver, says over the past two years he spent quite a bit of time in the hospital getting treatment for his mental health, then two months ago he seemed to find the right balance with his medication.

“He sounded really good,” Reginald said. “He spoke to us, and he said, he was doing fine, and the social worker was doing fine.”

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David Johnstone (right) and his father, Reginald Johnstone (left) at Uptown Shopping Centre in April 2021. (Jan Johnstone/submitted)

About two or three weeks ago was the last time Reginald spoke with him on the phone, and he says David was complaining about a pain in his leg.

“He wanted to go see a doctor because his legs been bothering him,” Reginald said. “I said, ‘well take a taxi and go find a doctor.’ But that, you know, it’s most difficult to find doctors these days anyway. So I said, ‘well if it gets worse, go to emergency.'”

On July 24, Jen Johnstone, David’s stepmom, says she was texting with him when he was still complaining about his leg.

“He had a very difficult time walking, he was complaining about having an infection on his leg or something,” Jen said. “That was on the Sunday, and it was on the Monday apparently that he took the cab, and we haven’t heard from him since.”

Reginald and Jen say they’ve been told by police that David took a taxi to Clover Point, and he did not return home.

Victoria Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for David, and describe him as a “high-risk” person.

David is described as a 63-year-old Caucasian male, standing six feet tall, with a medium to slender build. David has grey hair and a grey beard and wears glasses.

Reginald says police found David’s cell phone and wallet in his apartment.

Jen says David had a hard time dealing with being isolated during the COVID pandemic, and they were not allowed to visit him while he was in the hospital due to the restrictions.

“He was hospitalized where we couldn’t go in and see him or anything there either,” Jen said. “We had to rely on phone calls and stuff. It was difficult to maintain that rapport when you’re not able to visit.”

When David began struggling with his mental health, Jen and Reginald say they tried to convince him to move in with them, but he did not want to move to the mainland, and wanted to stay in Victoria.

Reginald and Jen hope David can be found so they can get closure about the situation.

VicPD ask anyone who sees David to call 911, or if you have information about where he may be to call the non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654, extension 1. You can also report what you know anonymously with the Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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