Pacific Cup referee part of the fabric of the tournament

Pacific Cup referee part of the fabric of the tournament

WATCH: The Pacific Cup has been a yearly tradition on Vancouver Island for 41 years. Galen Brewer has been the referee in chief for the tournament for the last 21 years and has become a fixture of the event. Tyler Bennett has the story.

Galen Brewer is a common fixture at the local ice rinks across lower Vancouver Island.

“I’ve always enjoyed the game, played it as a kid, played high school hockey in New Brunswick,” Brewer says. “Once I realized that I wasn’t that great of a player, I decided to take up officiating and some will tell you I’m probably not that great of an official either, but it’s a love.”

And that love affair has been going on for over two decades.

“This is my 26th year reffing, my 21st year as the referee in chief.”

“It’s awesome, I look forward to doing that many more,” referee partner Ken Haskill says. “This is maybe my fourth year so, what’s that, 17 more years to go. Great mentor, learn a lot and love to work with him more and more.”

It’s the local referee community that has been bringing Galen back to the rink for 25 years.

“We’re a family. There’s a lot of comradery in that, and that just continues to go on no matter what level you’re at.”

Tyler BennettTyler Bennett

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