Attendees has the chance to see all the mushrooms that could be found in B.C.

Attendees had the chance to see and taste some of the mushrooms found around Victoria and beyond.

It was a show of edible, delicious and deadly mushrooms in Cordova Bay Sunday.

Dozens showed up to the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society’s annual mushroom show, hosted at the Cordova Bay 55+ association.

Over 120 mushroom species were on display, and attendees could make their way around tables showcasing them all, and even try how some tasted.

One station even allowed those attending to bring in mushrooms they needed identified.

“We have quite a variety here,” said Andy MacKinnon, present of the society. “We have all kinds of people who are fascinated and curious about mushrooms…. we wanted to reflect all the different mushrooms you could see around Victoria.”

MacKinnon says they can be used for a variety of things, from cooking to dying fabrics.

He hopes the show will continue to foster Victoria’s mushroom picking community and bring in new members.

“It’s always good to see people coming out, and I’m especially pleased that we have lots of young people coming out… I’m always really happy when we can introduce young people to the treasure hunt that is mushroom exploration and picking.”

Details on the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society can be found here.

Some were able to bring in their mushrooms for identification

Some were able to bring in their mushrooms for identification at the show