One arrested after arrow shot at car with children inside in Victoria

One arrested after arrow shot at car with children inside in Victoria
WatchA Victoria family is still shaken, and angry, after someone shot at their vehicle Monday morning. they feel lucky, too, because, with two small children, including a baby inside, the incident could have been much worse. Mary Griffin reports.

Cradling two-week-old Theo in her arms, Brianne Winter can’t shake what happened Monday morning while driving with her husband, and two of their children.

“Furious. I was beyond furious. I’m so mad,” Winter said.

At around 11 a.m. on May 4, at the intersection of Cook and Pandora, Winter and her husband Kyle thought a rock hit the side of their truck. They were about halfway through the intersection.

But it wasn’t a rock.

“Right here.  It’s here. It came in right here,” Winter said, pointing at the entry point of an arrow in the vehicle, located just under the driver’s door, in the running board.

The arrow, which was embedded in the vehicle, was 25 centimetres long, made of steel with a razor-sharp point. The incident could have been worse.

Baby Theo and three-year-old Quinn were in the backseat. Winter can’t believe someone would shoot at a random vehicle.

“My babies are in the car, and something terrible could have happened. If the window was open if they shot it a little bit higher,” Winter said.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Victoria police received a tip from the public. which led to the identification of a suspect. Officers located and arrested the suspect at a hotel in the 300-block Gorge Road East.

Police said the man is known to them. Police are recommending charges of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. His name has not been released at this time.

Victoria police are asking for anyone who may have been in the area 11 a.m. Monday morning, and with any dashcam footage to contact them.

Const. Cameron MacIntyre, with public affairs for VicPD, said police are concerned about this incident, and treating it seriously.

“I can tell you for an arrow to be embedded in the side of a vehicle the way that it was, that requires a very significant amount of force. We are concerned about this. We’re treating this very seriously,” MacIntyre said.

Winter is thankful that her family is safe, and that no one was hurt.

“If I could speak to that person, or anyone that knows what’s happening, [I’d say] you just stop. Something terrible could have happened. We have a big, heavy-duty truck. Thankfully, that probably helped,” Winter said.



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