North Island Wildlife Recovery says rescued bear cub doing well


WATCH: A video from the North Island Recover Wildlife Centre in Errington of Malcolm, the rescued Tofino bear cub, playing with a piece of rope. The centre says Malcolm is healthy and active just over a month after being found near Tofino next to his mother’s dead body. The recovery centre estimated Malcolm was eight to twelve weeks old at the time.

An example of the positive progress of an orphaned bear cub rescued near Tofino has been posted on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre (NIWRC) in Errington showed Malcolm the bear cub playing with a rope hanging inside his recovery home.

NIWRC says Malcolm is “healthy, active and playful.”

The orphaned cub was the centre of attention near the end of May when he was rescued by Tofino whale watching guide John Forde on a remote beach in Ross Pass.

Forde and his wife spotted Malcolm near the body of the cub’s mother that Forde estimated had been dead for several days.

The cub was brought to the recovery centre and was being fed pablum with vitamins and in early June, a video was posted showing Malcolm eating on his own. 

The animal is set to be released back into the wild sometime next year.


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