New details emerge about missing Nanaimo teen and Steven Bacon

New details emerge about missing Nanaimo teen and Steven Bacon

We’re learning new details about the disappearance of 16-year-old Nanaimo girl Makayla Chang.

As RCMP continue searching for 53-year-old Steven Bacon who they believe knows what happened to her, we are hearing from Chang’s worried family and friends who shed further light on the disturbing relationship between the teen and the much older man.

Nervously waiting by the phone, Dolly Chang is as worried as a grandmother can be.

“I just want her to come home or to call somebody and let us all know that she’s okay you know,” says Chang.

The Nanaimo woman has raised Makayla Chang since she was 3-years-old and is now is frightened for her safety.
The little girl she loves and struggled to keep control of, vanished 14 days ago and is believed to be in the company of 53 year old Steven Bacon. A man Chang says developed a disturbing bond with her granddaughter, that’s reflected in this letter he wrote to the teen.

“It’s my dearest baby bird,” says Dolly Chang reading the handwritten letter. “That’s what he calls her, baby bird,” she says. “Angel I want you to know that you are the most precious person I have ever known and said I wanted to adopt and be your father…” the letter reads.

“Makayla had been staying off and on at his place for the last two months. But she’d been lying to me when she texted me at night saying she was staying at friends,” says Dolly Chang.

She says she’d been worried about his intentions with her granddaughter for a long time. So she went to the police looking for help. But with Makayla, 16 and meeting the age of consent, her grandmother says she could do nothing.

“She adamantly refused to believe anything bad about Steve. I said what he’s doing isn’t right. He shouldn’t be hanging around with you,” says Chang. “Just so angry with him. And now he’s gone. Yeah. Yeah.”

It’s an emotion felt throughout the Nanaimo mobile home park Makayla Chang was raised in.

“Everyone’s like where. It’s devastating like where is she what happened,” says neighbours Derrick & Ramona Green.

RCMP have extensively searched the Bruce Avenue property Bacon lived on and have now left with bags of evidence in hand. Leaving this grandmother still anxious for answers and her Makayla missing into another night.

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