New details about 53 year-old man who was with missing Nanaimo teen

New details about 53 year-old man who was with missing Nanaimo teen

The 53 year-old from Thunder Bay, Ontario has a criminal past

As neighbour Heather Campbell watched police search the home across the road Monday she was hoping for the best.

“Seen everybody over there all day,” says Campbell about the search warrant. “It’s like ‘Okay, what’s going on’ and you’re like ‘hopefully they’ll find something good. her cell phone or something.”

We’re learning new details about the 53 year old who lived at the home and was sometimes in the company of missing 16 year-old Makayla Chang.

In 1985 Steven Bacon was charged in Thunder Bay, Ontario with 23 criminal counts.

They included Armed Robbery, Forcible Confinement and Breach of Probation. His charges were dropped. It’s not clear if the same happened for his co-accused.

A family member says Steven Bacon was adopted as an infant. His three adoptive siblings thought he was dead until they heard about this story. None had any contact with him for 20 years. The last time they had seen him was at their mother’s funeral. The last time they knew about his whereabouts he was living in Thunder Bay and had been in jail.

“Interesting, and yeah, that’s what I’d heard on Facebook something about Ontario and I’m like ‘Oh Lord, what brought him out here?’ and ‘Is he a productive member of society?'” says Campbell.

Monday Mounties searched an adjacent field and for the second time the house where Steven Bacon lived. A man who said he wanted to adopt missing 16 year-old Makayla Chang. The search at the home ended Monday evening. The worry about Chang remains.

“You don’t sleep cause you’re not sure and just unnerved by the whole thing,” says Campbell.

No one was answering the home’s doors today.

Mounties say they haven’t ruled out foul play.

Makayla Chang has now been missing for 23 days.

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