New backyard quiz show coming to Vancouver Island

WatchQuiz nights at local pubs are something many people have been missing during this period of isolation but now a new production is coming together right here on Vancouver Island for all those quiz heads who are looking for a little bit of competition. Julian Kolsut has this story.

As many game shows are temporarily cancelled and pub quiz nights on hold due to COVID-19, a new show on Vancouver Island will help quiz heads scratch that itch.

“Mind your Neighbours” produced by CHEK in Greater Victoria, premieres Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

It’s hosted by a Victoria pub quiz staple Benji Coey who has been throwing questions out for 12 years.

“It takes place in gardens, neighbourhood back gardens,” said Coey.

“We invite people who live nearby to work as a team to give your best answers to ultimately win the prize, which is a special mug with the words mind your neighbours emblazoned across it.”

The show is a welcome break from the pandemic.

“The basic things are becoming really hard questions, what can you do, what can’t you do,” said Coey. “The quiz is the epitome of meaningless questions. There are no consequences, it’s just good silly fun.”

It’s a great way to still have fun while following social distancing.

“We miss it a lot,” said contestant Sierra Morrison.

“Especially the pub quizzes in Fernwood, it’s nice to have a semblance of that.”

“We decided to take that to people at home,” said CHEK show producer Lindsay Nielsen.

“It’s a fun trivia show and you can play along at home. It will be fun trivia with fun quirky things and something called an Inky Dinky, only something British Benji can pull off.”

“An Inky Dinky is a two-word phrase,” said Coey.

“Both words have two syllabuses and they rhyme, like Inky Dinky. So if I said “Riddle me this,  A church tower made out of human beings… [that’s a] people steeple, a steeple is a church tower and people are human beings.”

If you want to participate in Mind Your Neighbours and you are from Greater Victoria email mindyourneighbours [at]

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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