Duncan horse rescue races to save ponies being sold due to COVID-19

Duncan horse rescue races to save ponies being sold due to COVID-19
WatchA Duncan horse rescue is desperately trying to save 30 ponies that will be going to auction this week, and likely slaughter, if new homes can't be found fast.

Rebecca Sanesh and her rescue Humanity for Horses are in a race against time to save 30 ponies bound for the auction block in Alberta and likely slaughter.

The animals are the start of what’s expected to be a massive sell-off of horses in Alberta and Canada wide, due to Covid-19.

“I am so scared for the horses,” said Rebecca Sanesh, founder of Humanity for Horses Rescue and a Duncan resident.

“People cannot afford to feed the horses.”

The herd of young ponies that are now in Central Alberta are being liquidated because the owner’s contracts to supply stock to rodeos vanished in the wake of COVID-19.

The owner asked to remain anonymous because he’s upset he has to take these measures. He has offered to haul all 30 ponies to BC’s coast if it will save them from going to auction.

“It’s absolutely dire,” said Sanesh.

“Extremely dire. Especially in Alberta. Alberta’s economy has just fallen out of the bottom of the market there.”

Equestrian Canada estimates more than 46,000 horses in barns across Canada could be at risk due to the financial collapse caused by COVID-19.

“Without urgent government support, many equine owners are now or will soon be facing the horrendous decision to offload perfectly healthy capable animals into a marketplace in which supply far exceeds demand,” wrote Equestrian Canada in a press release.

“Everybody is scrambling just trying to feed themselves,” said Sanesh.

“Let alone feed their livestock.”

With 39 horses already in Humanity for Horses care, they have too many mouths to feed to take on any more but feel they must respond to this need.

“We don’t have any room for any more horses,” said Sanesh.

“So we need homes for 30 ponies now.”

Sanesh has started a Gofundme to help raise the $400 dollars per pony to buy and truck all 30 out as far as Langley, B.C.

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