NDP promise family doctor for every BC resident, and Green Party promises fundraising reform

NDP promise family doctor for every BC resident, and Green Party promises fundraising reform

While the BC Liberal leader campaigned on Vancouver Island, from Campbell River to Nanaimo, the other party leaders were also busy on this Easter Monday.

John Horgan was on the Lower Mainland where health care took centre stage.

Andrew Weaver stayed in his own riding of Oak Bay Gordon Head.

Mary Griffin reports.

“My name is Andrew Weaver. I’m the leader of the BC Green Party. You are now in the Oak Bay Gordon Head riding.”

A busy day in the Oak Bay Gordon Head riding for the Green Party leader.

“Just wondering if you had ever contemplated voting Green?”

Weaver unveiled his party’s democratic reform platform.

“A Green government will ban union and corporation donations. From not only the provincial, political leaders and parties, but also from municipal and school board as well.”

Meanwhile in New Westminster, BC NDP leader John Horgan puts the finishing touch on his “lean-to-the-left” burger.

The bun-official poll at a New West burger joint is decided with customers choosing their burgers based on politics.

The NDP are in the lead at 287 ordered, followed by the Greens at 243, and 186 ordered for the Liberal’s “lean to-the-right” hamburger.

Horgan spent all of Easter Monday campaigning in the Lower Mainland.

This afternoon, he promised to address the family doctor shortage, by taking aim at the BC Liberals’ failed pledge to match every British Columbian with a physician.

“I’m happy to announce as part of our solution going forward to address the shortage of doctors.  We will build urgent family care centres that will be a go-between between the walk in clinics that we have today, and the clogged emergency rooms currently.”

Canvassing in Victoria, Weaver is working, one voter at a time.

And it appears to be having an impact.

“But I would definitely consider Green. Yeah.  It wouldn’t be something that I would be opposed to.  I’m open to it.”

“Environment is in my number one issue.”

With three weeks to go, there are many more signs, and voters to persuade before May 9th.

Mary GriffinMary Griffin

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