City of Nanaimo spends $3 million to make Linley Valley Park even bigger


WATCH: Nanaimo’s biggest park has just become a little bit bigger. Nanaimo city council has purchased 50 acres of land to add to Linley Valley Park, making it one of the largest municipal parks on Vancouver Island. Kendall Hanson reports.

With its rocky outcroppings, diverse habitat and views of Nanaimo, Linley Valley’s hidden ridge will soon be a new area for park visitors to explore.

Nanaimo City Council has just purchased the 20.2-hectare piece of land, making Linley Valley Park 184 hectares in total.

That’s just four hectares shy of Mount Douglas Park in Saanich.

“It’s a large urban park. That is something that is unique,” said Paul Chapman of the Nanaimo Area Land Trust. “It’s hard to secure that kind of parkland these days and so I think it’s really great that they did.”

Twenty-five residents banded together 15 months ago when there were plans of development on the property. The group collected more than 2,700 signatures on a petition and lobbied Nanaimo City Council to save it.

They argued any development on the ridge would increase the fire risk and disturb the natural flow of water into Linley Valley below it.

The council purchased the land for $3 million.

“It’s probably one of the most major positive things we’ve done this term,” said Nanaimo Coun. Bill Yoachim. “I’m really excited and pleased that we’re able to do this for the citizens for all of Nanaimo.”

The Nanaimo Area Land Trust supports the expansion of Linley Valley Park.

It says this purchase of 5260 Tanya Dr. is crucial to the park’s connectivity.

“This piece connects Lost Lake to the larger park as well so I think that’s an important piece of purchasing the piece they did,” said Chapman.

Those who lobbied to save of the ridge now want to work with Nanaimo City Council to develop an official park plan.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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