Nanaimo WWII veteran turns 100 on Remembrance Day


WATCH: A Nanaimo veteran turned 100 this November 11th as he paid respects to the sailors and soldiers he fought alongside who never came home. Victor Osborne was born on the same day the First World War ended and dedicated his life to being of service.

Victor Osborne feels very lucky to have lived to be 100. Having dodged his share of bullets and survived some of the most important battles in history, from the Spanish Civil War to World War II.

“Oh yeah definitely lucky,” said the Nanaimo man.

“I’ve probably got nine lives and I probably haven’t ran out of ’em yet,” said Osborne.

Born in London, England on the day that World War One ended, he was named Victor for the allied forces victory and says he felt destined to be a sailor and serve.

“We were trained for war. Right from the get go you know, said Osborne.

So he joined the Navy still a boy, at 15-years-old and despite all that he’s seen, including delivering a landing craft full of soldiers to France’s Omaha Beach and seeing many of them die in front of his eyes, he’s maintained a boy like charm and lightness about him.

“I’m 16 inside of me still,” said Osborne.

“I haven’t changed. I marvel at how I got to be 100,” he said.

He still drives a car, lives in his own home and lives his life to the fullest in honour of all those soldiers and sailors who never came home.

“Those people lost their tomorrows for our todays,” said Osborne.

“And he did this all for us,” said his daughter Suzanne King.

“So we could have this wonderful life,” she said.

Suzanne King says the war hero, who was decked out in his many wartime medals on November 11th, is also an amazing Dad.

“He’s been the best Dad that anyone could have ever had,” she said.

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