Nanaimo tenants say roofing job is taking too long


WATCH: Water comes through tenants ceiling during rains Saturday because of roofing job started in April. Roofing contractor says there have been some unexpected delays.


A number of tenants living in a Harewood duplex are angry at how long it’s taking to get their roof replaced.

The anger reached a boiling point Saturday morning when the rain came through their ceilings in several spots.

“There’s a lot of tension in the house,” said tenant Anthony Thorburn.

A tarp covering part of the roof came loose allowing water to get into the home. The re-roofing job has been underway since April.

“I just have a much different view on work ethic on how to do a job, especially when it’s pertaining to somebody’s else’s property and other people’s lives,” said Thorburn.

They say the contractor hasn’t been there often.

The contractor, who was working on another home today, says there have been many factors. The scope of the job got bigger once started, he’s had other jobs on the go and he claims to have been threatened by one of the tenants.

The weather was also very wet through spring and then the summer got really hot.

“When it gets too hot, I’m almost 50 years old, I put in half days,” said Darren Brown of Row Runner Roofing.

And then there was a theft, from the roof, in mid-August.

“[I] found out that I had about $4000 worth of tools stolen.

Darren Brown says he filed the theft with RCMP and suspects it was an inside job.

“Somebody had to have seen what was going on but I have no proof to say who it is,” said Brown.

Thorburn says none of his roommates have told him they have information about the theft.

“If they had they haven’t come to me with it. I can’t speak for other people.”

The home’s owner says he’s baffled by the whole situation. He says he’s asked the tenants to back off to let the contractor do the necessary work. He says he’s also concerned about how long the job is taking but believes it will all get done.

“Probably two weeks to get it buttoned up,” said Brown on how much longer the job will take, provided there’s good weather.

It’s a roofing job all sides say they will be glad to see completed.


Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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