Donnie and Marie Biggs are still in shock that they were attacked and robbed in a violent Nanaimo home invasion Tuesday.

“Mentally I’m just…it was such a shock to go out your bedroom door and find a masked man with a gun” said Marie, 74.

I just knew right away that was trouble,” said Donald, 78.

“I was ‘what are you doing’ and that’s all I remember and I kind of attacked the guy right away.”

RCMP say the incident appears to be a case of home invaders hitting the wrong house. The couple have no criminal ties.

“The individuals, they had the wrong house,” said Nanaimo RCMP media spokesperson Const. Gary O’Brien.

“These people are not involved in criminal activity. They simply had the wrong information and that’s extremely traumatic for the people involved.”

The couple was asleep in their Nanaimo home at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. Then Donnie said he saw the first man in the hallway.

He said he feared for his wife and dog before himself, so he tried to fight before one of the intruders hit him across the head. He fell to the floor and his blood now stains the bedroom floor.

Then the masked intruders moved on to Marie, tying her up and ransacking drawers and jewelry cases and stealing it all.

“That will always stay with me, that picture in my mind” said Marie.

The couple’s stolen Lexus was recovered Tuesday night.

Now, hoping to catch the suspects, Nanaimo Christmas Tree farmer Mike Gogo is putting up a $5,000 reward to help his friends.

“They could have easily been killed,” said Gogo.

“I mean to hit someone over the head like that are they drug addled or just crazy.”

Marie is appealing for the thieves to do the right thing now and return her wedding ring and priceless jewelry that was stolen in the home invasion.

“It would mean a lot to me,” said Marie.

Skye Ryan