Federal environment ministry investigating alleged scuttling of fishing boat


WATCH: Surveillance video shows an alleged scuttling of a boat

Environment and Climate Change Canada is investigating the alleged scuttling of a former fishing boat, the Northern King, that is attracting attention after a video started circulating online.

In the surveillance video, which was uploaded to social media, an excavator is used to load material onto a docked boat at night. Another boat is then utilized to take it away from the dock.

There are several people listed in the video, which runs just over seven minutes, who were allegedly involved in the incident but none of the allegations have been proven. The excavation company that allegedly took park was also put into the video. The person who posted the video also indicates that it’s the Northern King that was hauled away but the name of the vessel can’t be seen. The date on the video is Feb. 1, 2017.

Environment and Climate Change Canada confirmed Wednesday that the matter was under investigation but said they could not provide further information at this time.

The Northern King was a 98 gross tonnage wooden fishing vessel that was first registered in 1945 with Vancouver as the port of registry, according to Transport Canada. It was no longer registered in Canada as of 2008.

Various pollutants were removed from the Northern King last spring after the Canadian Coast Guard received a report that it had sunk in the Discovery Harbour Marina. The vessel had been refloated and the Coast Guard oversaw the removal of the onboard pollutants. All the pollutants were removed and the Canadian Coast Guard had no further intentions with the boat.


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