Manhunt continues after violent home invasion on seniors in Nanaimo


WATCH: A manhunt continues in Nanaimo where three masked men committed a violent home invasion on a couple in their 70s Tuesday. Donnie and Marie Biggs were tied up and robbed in their home by intruders that RCMP said hit the wrong house and the crime has captivated that city.

Surveillance video captured outside Jeff Ross’ Nanaimo pawn shop appears to have recorded Donnie and Marie Biggs stolen Lexus, moments before it was abandoned metres away on Millstone Avenue.

Ross hopeful that what is captured on the video will help RCMP.

“If that puts them in the area and you narrow down a time,” said the owner of Gold Silver Guy.

The car was stolen when the suspects fled a home invasion that left the seniors badly injured and tied up in their ransacked home early Tuesday morning.

“It was such a shock to go out your bedroom door and find a masked man with a gun,” 74-year-old Marie Biggs told CHEK News Wednesday.

Ross’ pawn shop video has already been collected by RCMP and he said he and many others across Nanaimo are on a mission to try to catch the culprits.

“You wanna react in an almost violent way back at them, if you could catch them.” ” said Ross.

RCMP are now circulating images of some of the stolen pieces.

A gold necklace Marie gave to 78-year-old Donnie who is a retired Tugboat captain and a ring of Marie’s among the over 40 pieces robbed from them when three masked men cut the phone line to the seniors’ home and stormed in as they slept.

“I literally gasped, I was oh my God those are my people,” said Canada Post worker Kevin Storrie.

“Those are the people I take care of,” said Storrie.

Storrie was sickened to learn of what happened to the couple who he’s been delivering mail to for years.

“You feel helpless for them,” said Storrie.

Especially since RCMP said this appears to be a case of mistaken identity, saying while the home invasion was clearly targeted, that the three intruders hit the wrong house.

“We’ve also been fielding calls from the neighbours they’re very concerned,” said Const. Gary O’Brien of Nanaimo RCMP.

“We’ve advised them that if there’s any suspicious activity they should call 911 immediately.”

Ross is still hoping that the Biggs’ stolen jewelry is on the Island and somehow will make its way to one of his five pawnshops.

“I would love them to come in, just to take vengeance,” said Ross.


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