Movie theatres in Victoria are set to reopen next week

Movie theatres in Victoria are set to reopen next week

Get the popcorn ready — after months of being in the dark, the silver screen will light up once again starting Tuesday.

“We’re excited to have people back. I’m excited to be back watching a film on the big screen. We all think that’s the way to watch films,” said Ken Mont of Cineplex Entertainment.

Some local residents share the excitement and say they can’t wait for movie theatres to reopen.

“I definitely missed it. It’s just a different experience, so I’m definitely excited to start going back to the movies,” said Josh Darian.

“I’ll be right in there. I missed it all winter, so yeah, looking forward to it,” echoed Jimi Greene.

Restrictions will still be put in place — a maximum of 50 people are allowed in an auditorium and masks must be worn, except for when you’re seated inside watching a movie.

Ricard Gil, an economics professor at Queen’s University in Ontario said the reopening is good news for the local and global economy.

“Going to the movies is one of those activities that has huge spillover effects on retail,” he said.

Gil explained that when people go out to watch a movie, they tend to dine or shop, pumping in more money into other businesses.

And local shops are rolling out the red carpet.

“We’re actually super excited. A lot of our sales have relied on the movie theatre,” said Emma Dahl, the manager at The Brickyard.

“I feel like it’s going to bring more people. It’s going to bring more traffic,” said Jason Garcia, the manager at Azteca.

He added that he’ll likely keep his restaurant open later to accommodate the late-night moviegoers.

In the U.S., attendance is going up — sequels A Quiet Place Part II and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It both boasted strong box office openings domestically, accumulating more than 100 million dollars USD so far.

As for Canada, Cineplex Entertainment says markets in other parts of the country are looking strong as well.

Movie theatres are set to open on the Island on June 15.

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