More changes coming to Hartland Landfill dumping fees

More changes coming to Hartland Landfill dumping fees
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The Capital Regional District (CRD) is continuing with its changes to tipping fees at the Hartland Landfill.

In December, the CRD board adopted new bylaw amendments which changed the prices for some tipping fees, and what was considered “general refuse.”

Tipping fees for general refuse went up from $110/tonne to $150/tonne in January, as part of phase one of the new changes – as well as an increase in fine rates for repeat offenders.

Phase two of the changes start on July 2, when treated wood and asphalt shingles will no longer be accepted as general refuse at the dump.

Those materials now have to be dropped off in separate loads at the Hartland Landfill, where they will be accepted for recycling or energy recovery.

Treated wood is considered any wood product that is stained, pressure treated or painted – such as wooden furniture, laminated wood or plywood.

Tipping fees for these materials will also drop from $150/tonne to $110/tonne starting in July.

Before these changes come into effect, the CRD says a “material division transfer station” will be built at the landfill this spring, which will be able to collect processed wood and asphalt shingles before they are transferred off-site for recycling or energy recovery.

“Continuing to implement the policy changes at Hartland Landfill is exciting,” said environmental services committee chair Barbara Desjardins in a statement Thursday.

“With the goal to reduce the region’s waste by more than one-third by 2031, every step forward we take at Hartland contributes to achieving that goal.”

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