CRD approves new rules for Hartland Landfill, ups general tipping fees

CRD approves new rules for Hartland Landfill, ups general tipping fees
General waste tipping fees will increase from $110 to $150 per tonne, and new incentives will see certain materials get recycled.

The Capital Regional District’s board has approved several new policies for dumping refuse at the Hartland Landfill.

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Starting Jan. 1, 2024, the dump will reduce tipping fees for wood, carpet and asphalt shingle waste, increase fees for general waste from $110 to $150 per tonne, and offer increased pay rates for waste haulers that collect different types of waste separately.

While officials are calling it a ban, residents will still be able to dispose of their wood, carpet and asphalt shingle waste at the site. The new ban will instead prohibit the materials from going into the ground and becoming landfill.

Instead, the district says the materials will now be transferred to another site where they’ll find a second life in recovery markets across the private sector.

In doing so, the CRD expects to divert 40,5000 tonnes of waste from going into the ground at Hartland.

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Additionally, the rate for disposing of these specific products at the landfill will be reduced, while the rate for general trash will increase.

The general tipping fee price hike is a move which the district says will better reflect the going rate across the Island for general refuse. Currently, other areas on Vancouver Island have average rates between $145 per tonne and $192 per tonne.

On top of all that, a new bylaw structure will come into effect that will make it easier for authorities to ding repeat infractions made by those that aren’t following the dumping protocol, with a new graduated bylaw ticket structure and higher fines for more serious offences.

“The proposed material stream diversion initiatives have the potential to divert up to 40,500 tonnes of waste per year,” said Colin Plant, the CRD board chair.

“This is an incredible step forward to help achieve our 2023-2026 Board Priority of maximizing solid waste diversion as well as help achieve the Solid Waste Management Plan goals to reduce the region’s waste by more than one-third and extend the life of Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond.”

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