Mask-wearing still popular despite lifting of public health order

Mask-wearing still popular despite lifting of public health order
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Premier John Horgan walks into the Legislature press theatre, 12 hours after the lifting of BC’s mask mandate.

The premier continues to wear his as he recovers from cancer treatment and everyone else in the room, also wearing masks.

It could take time for people to get used to a mask-less world.

At Bishop’s Family Cycles, owner Rob Kemp said masks are mandatory for the foreseeable future.

“Right now our mask policy is the same as it was yesterday. We are requiring masks of all our guests,” said Kemp.

Kemp’s son, Bash, is undergoing treatment for an aggressive brain tumour, so Kemp said they are keeping the policy at their store.

“If I get COVID I can’t see him. And if he gets COVID, his treatment will stall. They can’t put him under anesthesia with COVID. So for us, you know, the risks are very real to disrupt his treatment. And obviously, we’re not willing to take that risk,” he said.

Other companies, however, are following the lead of public health. Deborah Marshall said masks are no longer mandatory at BC Ferries.

“Masks are no longer mandatory in indoor spaces. So as far as our vessels, and our terminals, masks are recommended but they are no longer mandatory.”

The University of Victoria issued a statement encouraging mask-wearing for indoor spaces or anywhere you feel more comfortable to do so.

Employment lawyer, Lia Moody, said employees who want to continue wearing a mask, have that right.

“An employee has a right to be safe in the workplace, so if somebody wants to wear a mask, just like if they wanted to pack hand sanitizer or carry kleenex, or anything that helps keep them safe in the workplace,” noted Moody.

Moody also adds that employers have the right to require mask-wearing, even if their employees disagree.

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