CHEK Upside: Victoria teacher’s unique wardrobe bringing smiles

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He’s one of the easiest educators on the Island to spot.

Dale Sakiyama has been teaching at Victoria High since 1999 and has always dressed up for school spirit days.

“I just like to inject a little bit of energy into the school and this is my way of doing it,” says Sakiyama.

After being inspired by an online video Sakiyama decided to give himself a challenge. He would come to school in a different costume for 100 straight days.

“I had to make sure 100 things, different things, that I could wear,” says Sakiyama.

“So I made a chart and I worked it all out and so then I just started from the first day of school to wear a costume or costume things every day.”

Whether it was an inflatable shark or the Phantom of the Opera, the English and Japanese teacher has brought plenty of smiles to the faces of students and staff.

“As a student, I’ve got to say that I was really surprised by Sakiyama,” says international student Simone Cancellu.

“For me, it was really one of my core memories about my experience here in Canada.”

“Just seeing people’s reactions as he walks through the hallways is so funny,” says student Yoshiko Oike.

“When you show up and there’s a teacher dressed as a Minion, it can definitely change the course of your day,” smiles student Isla Fairbairn.

Brightening people’s days is what the crazy outfits are all about.

“I’ll be walking down the hallway and there will be students I’ve never taught, I’ve never seen them before, but they’ll smile,” says Sakiyama.

“I always think in the back of my mind if that five seconds was allowing them to have a little bit of enjoyment in their day then it’s worth it.”


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