Man smashes window, rips it off wall after discovering burger he ordered didn’t come with mustard

Man smashes window, rips it off wall after discovering burger he ordered didn't come with mustard
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Police were called to the Wendy's in Colwood after a man became enraged after staff reportedly forgot to put mustard on his burger

Staff at the Wendy’s restaurant in Colwood were faced with a scary situation on Tuesday night after a customer became enraged, reportedly after staff forgot to put mustard on his burger.

The West Shore RCMP were dispatched to the Wendy’s on the Old Island Highway at approximately 9 p.m. Tuesday night, after staffed called police when a man became furious and started smashing the plexiglass window at the drive-thru window after receiving his order.

After finding his apparently mustard-free burger, the suspect “became furious” and got out of his car, came up to the drive-thru window and began yelling at the staff while he hit and smashed the plexiglass barrier before completely ripping it off the wall, according to the RCMP.

Before he left, police say the man threw the plexiglass barrier underneath a different vehicle in the parking lot.

“Staff were thankfully not injured in this encounter, however, police are searching for this suspect who is being investigated for mischief and causing a disturbance,” said Const. Nancy Saggar.

According to the West Shore RCMP, the suspect was last seen driving away in a blue or grey Toyota Matrix hatchback.

The suspect is described as a bald Caucasian male in his 50s with a medium build. He was wearing jeans and a plaid overcoat and has a reddish-brown beard.

If you know who this suspect could be, or were a witness to this crime, the West Shore RCMP are asking you to call the non-emergency line at 250-474-2264 or report anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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