Local Syrian refugees react to US-led attacks, saying ‘It does nothing to help Syrian people’

Local Syrian refugees react to US-led attacks, saying 'It does nothing to help Syrian people'

WATCH: U.S. President Donald Trump calls it mission accomplished. But here at home, some Syrians say its far from over. They’re reacting to the crisis abroad saying the recent attack has done nothing to help. Luisa Alvarez reports. 

The most recent destruction in Syria is the aftermath of the U.S. who, along with its allies France and the United Kingdom, bombed three empty facilities all related to Syria’s chemical weapons.

An important research center, an equipment facility and a command post and a storage facility all were hit.

The attacks happened Friday and U.S. president Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday calling it “A mission accomplished.”

Mohammed, his wife, and two daughters are Syrian refugees and to them, the mission that was accomplished was a different one.

They’ve been living in Victoria for the past two years and still have family back in Syria.

Fearing for the safety of their loved ones they have asked for their identities to stay hidden.

They spoke with CHEK News to share their views and reaction to the attacks that they’re calling nothing but a big joke.

They say after all the violence that’s been going on in their country for the past seven years they were happy about the attacks at first, thinking it was the rest of the world finally gaining a conscious for the horrors that have been a sad reality in their country.

“Our people they are killing them in a horrible way they are cutting their bodies”

But they later began to believe it was something else.

“When we knew it was just because of using chemicals and not to help Syrian people everyone was kind of sad to hear that no-one cared.”

Instead, they say foreign governments reacting this way now-only when chemicals were used sends Syrians President Bashar Al -Assad a clear message.

“They are telling him you can do whatever you want, the way you want to kill, kill but not chemicals.”

And they’re afraid of the consequences.

“Bashar Al -Assad will react awfully the reaction will be on the Syrian people not on anyone else.”

And still, the course of Syrian’s civil war will likely remain unchanged.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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