Local businesses suggest Christmas shopping earlier this year due to global supply chain issues

Local businesses suggest Christmas shopping earlier this year due to global supply chain issues

It’s the perfect storm.

As the pandemic restrictions ease, the demand for products is surging.

According to Broad Street Cycles owner, Shawn McKean, it’s being felt everywhere on Vancouver Island.

“The main advice we’ve been giving to consumers is that if you find the product that you want, get it. Don’t think about it because it may not be available tomorrow,” he says.

At the start of the pandemic, demand for bikes skyrocketed and hasn’t let up.

These days, waiting months for a bike is the rule rather than the exception.

“We ordered a booking of ten bikes from one particular supplier,” McKean said. “And we only ever got three of them. Where are the rest of them? They are not coming.”

Andrew Wagner, a spokesperson for the Canadian Toy Association, said due to global transportation issues consumers will have to act fast.

“Those items are going to sell out even faster. They are going to be replenished even slower. They are going to be harder to find.”

Halloween is around the corner, but many retailers are bracing for the Christmas rush.

That includes Robinson’s Outdoor Store, whose co-owner, Erin Boggs, said they are expecting a different holiday season.

“It’s pretty wild to me to see Christmas shopping before Halloween is even over.”

Boggs said the holiday rush is underway, and her advice to consumers is don’t wait.

“If you want to be able to secure those things, you need to do that earlier. So, start Christmas shopping now.”

Many parts of the world are still struggling, including overseas factories where products that are sold locally are made.

“Countries that are in lockdown, and people can’t actually get to the factories to make the product,” Boggs said. “We’re also dealing with some ports being closed.”

The message is getting out to shoppers.

“I think we will be shopping earlier this year before.”

“It is early but if there are items that are very important to get, you do have to start looking for them early.”

Retailers have a key suggestion this season.

“If you can find something that’s close to what you want, snap it right up,” McKean said.

Because those items on your Christmas lists may not be there tomorrow.

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