Langford teenagers shovel bus stops as cities begin to thaw out

Langford teenagers shovel bus stops as cities begin to thaw out

WATCH: While you may not need winter tires to get around on major routes, there are other issues causing concerns for commuters. Ceilidh Millar reports. 

While highways and major roadways in Greater Victoria have been cleared of snow, what’s left is a slippery, slushy and potentially hazardous mess.

Days-old snow has been piling up along sidewalks and side streets across the region which is making it hard for commuters to get around.

“I find it difficult to get out on this stuff,” said Langford resident William Woolfry.

Woolfry suffers from multiple sclerosis and requires an electric wheelchair to get around.

He says uncleared paths and ramps behind his complex in Langford has severely limited his access to services in his area.

“The snow isn’t being removed properly,” Woolfry explained. “Therefore, if I get myself out, I can’t necessarily get myself back in the building.”

As Islanders attempt to dig out, mounting piles of snow and debris are causing concerns of localized flooding.

“Luckily it has been a slow melt and we’re hoping it stays that way,” said Harley Machielse, director of engineering for Saanich.

As the District of Saanich works to clean-off city streets, they’re reminding homeowners to clear off all snow from drains, eavestroughs and sidewalks on their properties.

“We asked residents to make sure their sidewalks are shovelled and if they need to, help their neighbours as well,” said Machielse.

Luckily, that’s where Alex Meikle and Michael Simard come in.

All week, the teenagers have been hitching rides along nearby bus routes, hopping off at each stop to shovel, salt and clear the way for commuters on the West Shore.

“The bus drivers were really supportive, so we just started doing it and we hit 56 bus stops in one day,” Meikle explained.

It’s not the typical way 14-year-olds tend to spend their snow days, but they’re calling on others for help.

They hope to clear 175 bus stops by the end of the weekend.

“It’s the smallest way we can help our community,” said Meikle.

Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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