‘Langford-opoly’: the newest game on store shelves, and the Victoria company behind it

WatchLangford-opoly is the newest game that shows off the best of the West Shore.

Langford-opoly is the newest game that shows off the best of the West Shore.

“If you see something with your town on it, you’re gonna say, ‘Oh my Gosh, I’m from there and I totally want this!” says Lauren Collicutt, administrative assistant at Outset Media Games, a local games company.

She designed the game in a single day.

“Basically I just research a lot on each individual thing that I wanna put in it,” says Collicutt.

“I look at reviews of places and anything I possibly can.”

Outset says it’s actually local Walmart’s that reach out to them, asking for a custom order for their community.

The orders are printed with an American company, who signed an agreement decades ago that allows them to use the Monopoly design.

“People love personalized products,” says Dr. Pascal Courty, UVic economics professor.

“It seems the cost of doing that is so low that there’s absolutely no barriers to allow everybody to have their own game. It’s a brilliant idea to see that these old ideas get a new life.”

Langford is one of 12 Canadian cities already on stores shelves.

They’ve got plans to expand to 40 by the end of the year.

“There’s tons of tiny little suburbs,” says Collicutt.

“We’ve got Nanaimo, Victoria, Langford… even Quesnel, up north. There’s a list.”

Outset started printing the games last year, with limited runs of 750 copies.

“It’s just another tool to put Langford on the map and that’s great,” says Mayor of Langford Stewart Young

“Everybody should go get it before they run out because I’m gonna go buy one!”

Until then, the team at OutSet will continue making new games, one city at a time.

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