‘Where it all happens:’ Langford’s new slogan points to even more development

WatchLangford council has announced a new brand and slogan for the city, "where it all happens," to acknowledge the rapid growth and development that is among the fastest in the province. Jasmine Bala reports.

The City of Langford unveiled a new brand and slogan at their council meeting Tuesday: “Langford: where it all happens.”

It acknowledges the rapid growth and development the city has been seeing, which is among the fastest in the province.

“It’s different than 25 to 30 years ago when not much was happening out here,” said Langford Mayor Stew Young, adding that the tagline perfectly describes what the city is aiming to become.

“Making sure that we have that ability as politicians to make decisions fast enough, get the affordable housing for families then make sure we create the recreation right alongside that,” he said. It’s about doing “as much as we can to make it better for people that live out here in Langford.”

On Tuesday, council announced many new initiatives coming to the city, including the Maritime Museum, an oceanfront eco-outpost and a new trail network.

Langford resident Kelly Burton said these changes are important to make the city a great home for families.

“There’s so much going on now compared to 25 years ago, [it was] just a dead neighbourhood 25 years ago,” he said. “It’s a really nice place to live now, good for families.”

In previous years, the Costco was one of the main attractions bringing people to the West Shore, but now the city is a place to go, stay and enjoy.

President of the WestShore Chamber of Commerce, Mike Reilly, believes the growth in Langford over the past decade is a good thing for the community. 

“We’ve certainly bridged the gap between just being a place where people come out to shop and then go away,” said Reilly.

“It really is a city that has now emerged on the world stage and is a pioneer in our local community.”

Langford is becoming a major hub for sports in Western Canada, soon to host a World Cup Soccer qualifier and home to Canada Women’s Sevens rugby team. 

“We want to make it so that when you live in Langford and you’re raising a family here, right next door to where you live, you can actually go and watch an international event,” said Young.

This momentum is expected to keep on rolling, with no end in sight for the rapid development. Young says there is still much more to come. 

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