Ladysmith Mountie, caught on video, riding scooter


Mountie says he wanted to make a good impression on kids at the skatepark

The Ladysmith skate park sees its share of impressive moves , grinds, jumps and turns.

But it was a unfamiliar face turning  heads here on Monday

“He had a scooter and a helmet in the back of his cop car,” says Connor Boyle who caught the Ladysmith RCMP officer on video cruising on his scooter. “He decided to ride around the skate board park for a little bit, pop a couple wheelies.”

Connor Boyle was at the gym overlooking the skate park when he recorded the video of a free wheeling Mountie down below.

He posted it on social media where it quickly snapped up 50,000 views.

“It’s great,” says Boyle. “It’s awesome to see that. (It) surely brings out cops are good people as and it’s great for the community to see that as well.”

The Mountie in the spotlight is Constable Mason Dirnback.

“They were a little surprised for sure,” says Dirnback, referring to the kids at the skatepark.

The 10-year veteran decided to turn up at the skate park with his scooter and take it for a spin.

As you may have guessed, he’s no rookie on these wheels.

“No I was tapering my routine to just continuing on with my shift and not having to go to the hospital,” says a smiling Dirnback.  “So it was a about a 4 out of 10 for intensity.”

Dirnback says he’s really more into biking and not a scooter aficionado but he thought it would be good way to interact with a younger crowd .

“They just see us driving around and enforcing the law,” says Dirnback. “Especially kids. They don’t know what to think of us all the time. I suppose if we can show them that they can like us, they can trust us, we’re just, normal, fun guys.”

And have a little fun while showing a different side of a policeman’s personality.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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