Meet Andie, the Newfoundland dog who won Best in Breed at the Westminster dog show


WATCH: A Ladysmith woman is beaming with pride after returning from the biggest dog show in the United States victorious. Her pet Newfoundland named Andie wowed the crowds and judges at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show and in a decision that’s left her owner giddy with excitement, the big-brown eyed pup came out on top winning Best in Breed.

With big brown eyes that can melt a heart from across a room, Andie the Newfoundland dog has been a star in her Ladysmith household since the Savory family got her as a puppy.

“I make her homemade cookies,” said her owner Cindy Savory, grabbing Andie a treat. “She’s little, she’s a little spoiled,” she said smiling.

The three-year-old Newfoundland is Cindy Savory and her husband Doug’s pampered pet. Even at 137 pounds, Andie sleeps on her owners’ bed and has her slobber wiped away like a wet nose on a toddler.

“She’s pretty much like a friend, a best friend,” said Savory.

This big black mound of loveable Ladysmith dog is now a lot more courtesy of a turn around the ring at the Westminster dog show in New York City on Feb. 13.

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“Awesome experience,” said Savory.

“It’s the thrill of a lifetime.”

Her Andie, or “The Amazing Miss Andie” as she’s now known worldwide, won Best in Breed at the show. It’s a dream come true for Savory, who says she was overcome with pride the moment Andie won.

“I stood up and I cheered,” said Savory. “And I was like ‘oh my god I need somebody to hug’ so I’m hugging all these random strangers.”

After some memorable strolls together around New York City, Savory and Andie are now back home in Ladysmith for some much-needed rest.

The top dog is still being kept in tip-top shape with her daily pound-and-a-half (0.5 kilograms) of food, swims to simulate rescue and retrievals and carting practice that keeps the working animal happy and ready for whatever comes next.

Savory says the future will likely mean a litter of puppies for Miss Andie to share some of the joy she now gets from this special dog who, win or lose, will always hold the title of this woman’s best friend.

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