Kelly Ellard, killer of Reena Virk, granted extended day parole and leave privileges

Kelly Ellard, killer of Reena Virk, granted extended day parole and leave privileges
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Kelly Ellard's day parole has been extended.

The woman who brutally beat and drowned 14-year-old Reena Virk in View Royal in 1997 has been granted six more months of day parole.

Kelly Ellard also gets an extension to her leave privileges, allowed to live at home up to four nights per week.

Ellard, who changed her name to Kerry Sim, was convicted of second-degree murder in Virk’s November 1997 death and is serving a life sentence.

Virk was lured to a secluded area under the Craigflower bridge in 1997 where she was swarmed by a group of kids she thought were her friends, beaten, then drowned.

Ellard received day parole in 2017 and was extended again last August.

In its decision, the Parole Board of Canada says Ellard is reflecting medium accountability, suggesting room for improvement.

But added she shows a high level of motivation and her reintegration potential is assessed as high.

The board says the leave privileges are extended for Ellard to live in her own home and better provide a normal upbringing for her children.

“You and your partner rent a home and you have successfully completed weekend passes to this location. There have been no reported issues with you returning to your halfway house at curfew as expected,” Correctional Service of Canada noted in recommending extended leave privilege.

The board also said, “parenthood had a positive impact on you (Ellard). While on [Day Parole] you gave birth to a second child. Updated file information indicates that your intimate partner (father of your children) has served his federal sentence, is now the community, is employed and supporting the family.”

Ellard will have to follow several conditions, including no drugs or alcohol, to continue following her treatment plan, to avoid anyone involved in criminal activity or substance abuse, and not to have any contact with Reena Virk’s family.

“The harm you caused the deceased victim’s family is immeasurable. They have every right to live their lives without the fear or worry of any unwanted contact from you,” the decision read in laying out the special conditions for Ellard’s day parole.


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