Justice for Lindsay Buziak walk returns on 16th anniversary of Saanich woman’s murder

Justice for Lindsay Buziak walk returns on 16th anniversary of Saanich woman’s murder
The Justice for Lindsay Buziak walk is pictured on Feb. 2, 2024.

On the 16th anniversary of Lindsay Buziak’s murder, her father led the annual march calling for answers in the case.

Lindsay was a 24-year-old realtor who was murdered while showing a home along 1702 De Sousa Pl. in Saanich on Feb. 2, 2008.

Her killer was never found.

“This is 16 years since Lindsay was murdered, the 14th time, I believe, we’ve participated in this walk as a reminder to authorities that Lindsay’s murder is unsolved – and also to remind the community that the conspirators and the killers of Lindsay are still at large in the community,” said her father, Jeff Buziak.

Jeff moved to Calgary in the years that followed Lindsay’s death but returns every year to lead the Justice for Lindsay Buziak walk.

This year, supporters gathered in front of the Saanich Municipal Hall before beginning their march.

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Lindsay Buziak’s father, Jeff, is pictured in a red coat during the walk on Feb. 2, 2024. (CHEK News)

Jeff says he hopes the annual walk motivates police and government officials to solve the case that stunned the Island community nearly two decades ago.

“[Police] will tell you they investigate it all the time and it’s active. We’re 16 years and nothing’s happened, so to me it feels like nothing’s being done,” said Jeff.

Saanich Police Chief Dean Duthie says the police department is still on the case.

“It’s a tough thing for me to talk about because my heart goes out to the family, and I know that answers are desperately wanted,” he told CHEK News on Thursday. “All I can say is we are doing everything we can, as we have throughout this lengthy period of time to find these answers.”

Jeff adds that he hopes realtors are aware of his daughter’s murder since the real estate industry is booming and her death occurred while she was on the job.

“I also do it as a reminder that this is all about a young woman at work who got murdered,” he said.


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