Cliff jumper seriously hurt after plunge off ‘Devil’s Ladder’ in Cumberland

Cliff jumper seriously hurt after plunge off 'Devil's Ladder' in Cumberland

An air ambulance was called in after a risky jump off a notorious cliff at Comox Lake went wrong Tuesday afternoon.

First responders were called to the area known as “Devil’s Ladder”, a prominent rock face on the shore of Comox Lake that has long been a draw for thrill-seekers.

“We got a call that a person had jumped off Devil’s Ladder and was in the water unconscious,” said Cumberland Fire Chief Mike Williamson.

Authorities say the 20-year-old man did what few others dare to, jump from the top of the rock face, or close to it — a height of 30.50 metres or 100 feet.

“His airways and everything were good but his legs were cut up really bad because he hit the bluff coming down, and from a fall that far the paramedics were really concerned about his internal organ damage,” Williamson said.

The man had hit the rock face on the way down and at first, he was barely conscious in the water.

Another person on a Seadoo brought the victim to the Cumberland boat launch where firefighters, paramedics and an air crew administered first aid before airlifting the victim from the scene.

“It just looks incredibly dangerous and high, don’t know why anyone would do that,” said Linda Lillico, a kayaker paddling at the foot of the cliff Wednesday, told CHEK News.

The victim, who lives in the Comox Valley, was taken to Victoria General Hospital but there was no update on his condition Wednesday.

Cumberland Fire Chief Mike Williamson says with another heat wave underway, Devil’s Ladder might not be the best place to cool off.

“Devil’s Ladder is a really cool place to go, the water is very deep there at the bottom of the cliffs but jumping from anything over 20 feet is very dangerous and you could do serious internal damage if you don’t know what you’re doing,” he said.

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