Grumpy Dog? Joey, a frowning boxer who loves cuddles, up for adoption in Victoria

Grumpy Dog? Joey, a frowning boxer who loves cuddles, up for adoption in Victoria
Photo: Victoria Humane Society/Facebook
One-year-old Brindle Boxer mix Joey is up for adoption in Victoria.

Appearance aside, Joey’s no crabby canine.

The one-year-old Brindle Boxer mix is up for adoption at the Victoria Humane Society (VHS) and according to staff, his resting grump face doesn’t quite match his affectionate personality.

“Could Joey be the next internet sensation?” VHS wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday, comparing his looks to Tardar Sauce, an American internet celebrity feline who was nicknamed “Grumpy Cat” because of her underbite and dwarfism.

And while “Grumpy Dog” appears to be a fit given that Joey constantly looks like he’s ‘over it’, he’s actually quite well-behaved and gets along with people and other dogs, the society’s staff says.

“He loves cuddles and belly rubs and his favourite thing is to lie down next to you. He is a big, clumsy 85-pound teenager,” VHS said in the post.

Potential guardians shouldn’t let Joey’s size fool them, however, as he can get nervous and insecure around those he does not know, staff say, so they’re hoping he goes to a home with plenty of socialization.

Staff say Joey has a chameleon-like quality as in the past, he began to mimic another pooch.

“His previous owner had an old dog with a lot of anxiety and felt that Joey was picking up a lot of habits from her, which is why he is looking for a new home,” read the post. “He is clearly a follower and constantly looks up to our dog for cues about what to do and has been doing much better.”

The VHS says Joey would benefit from the company of a more experienced, confident dog that can play and run with him.

“Joey knows basic tricks and is house-trained. He is eager to please but not particularly food motivated. He loves our older teenage kids but, because of his size, could knock over younger kids,” staff added. “Joey, most of the time, is good on the leash but occasionally, he can lunge and pull and he is a strong dog, so this is an area that will need additional work.”

People can apply to adopt Joey the non-Grumpy Dog online.

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