‘It’s just crazy’: Annie Lennox shares Sweet Dreams dance by Funkanometry

'It's just crazy': Annie Lennox shares Sweet Dreams dance by Funkanometry
The Island-based dance duo recently had their video to Sweet Dreams shared by Annie Lennox.

When Annie Lennox shared the dance that Funkanometry did to Sweet Dreams, the pair did not realize who she was. But now, they are thrilled the artist was so excited about their dance.

“It’s just crazy,” Jacksun Fryer said. “At first I didn’t really understand that she was the singer and that she was part of Eurythmics. Then when I found out because my parents told me, they were like ‘dude, that’s a legend!'”

Carlow Rush says he first saw Lennox had shared their dance he was excited.

“I woke up and then I was like ‘that’s crazy’ but then my mom made me a bit more familiar with who she was,” Rush said. “Now I kind of really get it.”

Since Lennox shared the Funkanometry post, the Island-based dance duo say they have gained thousands of new followers on Twitter.

“We got a whole lot of new Twitter followers now,” Fryer said. “I think 45,000, that’s insane.”

This isn’t the first time that an artist has shared a dance they have made, but it’s the first time it got a lot of attention.

“Bon Jovi reposted our video to Living on a Prayer,” Rush said. “For some reason this is getting bigger traction. More people are talking about this.”

The Sweet Dreams dance didn’t only catch the attention of Lennox, however.

“Jennifer Aniston liked Annie Lennox’s post on Instagram,” Rush said. “Which is so dope because she’s like a megastar too.”

The pair, who recently competed on America’s Got Talent, are now handling an onslaught of attention following Lennox sharing the video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and the content is going to keep rolling out.

“‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow,'” Rush sang. “We’ve got that one coming out today, and we’ve got other ones, Christmas ones are coming out, and we’re doing a dance class next Sunday.”

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