‘It was self-defence’: Accused admits to 2022 stabbing in Victoria in 911 call

'It was self-defence': Accused admits to 2022 stabbing in Victoria in 911 call
Police are seen canvassing the area in March 2022.

It’s becoming more clear how 29-year-old Mohamed Omar plans to defend himself against the second degree murder charge he’s on trial for. Omar says when he stabbed someone on a night out in Victoria in March 2022, it was an act of self-defence.

Crown prosecutors have a different story. They argue that after a brief altercation between Omar and 30-year-old John Dickinson inside Lucky Bar, Omar remained agitated and uttered threats, with future witnesses set to testify they heard him saying “I’m gonna f*** this guy up” after being kicked out.

A time later, they say Dickinson came out of the bar and ran towards Omar, swinging. The two men fell to the ground before security quickly broke them up.

Omar fled the scene while Dickinson remained collapsed, suffering two stab wounds, one to his chest, another to his abdomen. A Victoria Police officer testified she saw his intestines outside his body.

Dickinson later died in hospital.

Watch the full story below:

The 911 call Omar made, less than an hour after the fight, was played in court Thursday. In it, he admits to stabbing someone and dropping the knife outside the bar.

“Any reason why you stabbed him?” asked the 911 dispatcher.

“It was self-defence. The guy was trying to fight me,” said Omar.

The officer who arrested Omar shortly after described him as non-compliant and aggressive. Omar could be heard on the 911 call when police arrived, threatening the police dog.

“Your dog is gonna get more hurt than I am,” Omar said.

Omar is pleading not guilty to the charge of second-degree murder.

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