Police describe last moments of man killed in 2022 Lucky Bar fight as murder trial begins

Police describe last moments of man killed in 2022 Lucky Bar fight as murder trial begins

Editor’s note: This story may be disturbing for some readers.

The second-degree murder trial for a young man accused of stabbing to death another man in front of Lucky Bar in 2022 began in Victoria Tuesday.

In presenting their case, prosecutors say the accused, Mohamed Omar, turned himself in to police, admitting to stabbing someone and saying the murder weapon was found at the scene.

Sitting in a suit in a Victoria courthouse, shackles around his ankles, Omar is acting as his own legal counsel.

Omar, 29, stands accused of the second-degree murder of 30-year-old John Dickinson, who crown lawyers say went out to a bar to enjoy a night out but never made it home. Instead, he was stabbed twice during an altercation.

Omar has pleaded not guilty.

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On day one of the trial, it was Victoria Police officers on the stand, describing arriving on scene to find Dickinson lying on the ground, unresponsive, eyes fluttering.

“You could literally see him losing the colour of his skin,” said Cst. Jennifer Gilroy with VicPD in court Tuesday.

For the eight minutes Gilroy provided first aid, she noticed his breathing becoming more and more shallow and infrequent.

She observed two stab wounds, one on his stomach and one on his chest. She testified she was putting pressure on the stomach stab wound where she saw his intestines were outside of his body.

“He had blood coming out of his mouth,” said Lisa Forcier, a former VicPD officer who also responded.

Gilroy also recalled a knife they found at the scene, two to three metres from where Dickinson collapsed. Gilroy said the knife had a hook on the end, describing what may be a gutting knife used in hunting and fishing for gutting and skinning animals.

In front of a 12-person jury, Dickinson’s friends and family cried, some unable to look at the photos shown.

Omar stood to ask the officers questions, including what information was relayed to paramedics, and whether Dickinson was still alive when he was transported to hospital.

Crown lawyers say they intend to call 30 witnesses over the three-week trial, including medical staff and the forensic pathologist who did Dickinson’s autopsy but also Lucky Bar security staff, testimony particularly important to the prosecution’s case. They witnessed what happened inside the bar in the lead-up and the threats they say Omar uttered before allegedly stabbing Dickinson.

The prosecutors say Dickinson escorted Omar out of the bar, telling security guards, “he’s gotta go” and “he can’t be here” before security separated the two men and took Omar outside. They expect a Lucky Bar security staff member to testify. Omar appeared agitated outside, uttering, “I’m gonna f**k this guy up.”

Later, prosecutors say Dickinson came outside the club and ran at Omar swinging. They say the two men fell to the ground, with security quickly pulling them apart before Omar fled the scene and Dickinson collapsed.

Within an hour of the incident, prosecutors say Omar called 911 on himself, reporting he’d been in an altercation and he’d stabbed that person.

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