Islanders lend a helping hand to neighbours trapped by the snowstorm

Islanders lend a helping hand to neighbours trapped by the snowstorm

WATCH: The record snow has led to the cancellation of many services. And many seniors and others in need are finding themselves stuck at home. But as Kori Sidaway shows us, neighbours are coming together to help one another.

The flurries didn’t stop for anyone. On Tuesday, many woke up snowed in under a heavy blanket of white. Making the walk or drive into work for some, impossible.

“My son came over to make sure we were ok and didn’t need any groceries and stuff,” said Fran Thoburn

But luckily, islanders were offering a helping hand.

“I’m shovelling the snow to make parking spots for the neighbours and my landlady Fran!” said Dave Long.

Thoburn loves the snow, but shovelling it isn’t a reality at her age. But watching Dave shovel her parking spot warms her heart on this cold day.

“You know people are very aware of each other in this kind of weather. I rather like that,” said Thoburn.

“We’re not wrapped up in our own little envelopes, we share and help.”

The flakes seem to be bringing out a blizzard of generosity.

“It’s the Canadian way!” responded her tenant Long

And across the island, people were showing up for one another. From snowblowing neighbours driveways in Sooke, or digging people out, snow angels, were everywhere.

Including Jacob Vanoverschot, who took the day off work to drive stranded health care workers to their jobs in his 4X4 Tacoma truck.

“Without his help, I don’t know what to do,” said nurse Cory Oritz.

“In Jacob’s unwavering determination in me getting to my workplace, I’m able to do my job.”

But Vanoverschot didn’t think twice about giving a helping hand.

“They keep everybody alive and healthy,” said Vanoverschot.

“I had a bad work injury, and if it wasn’t for doctors and surgeons I wouldn’t have the use of my hand that I do today.”

Vanoverschot recently sliced his arm on sheet metal, severing two tendons, and needed surgery immediately to save his hand.

“If it was a snow day it’s possible that my surgery would have been pushed further away and my hand would have not healed the way that it had,” said Vanoverschot.

“So it’s really important for me that they make it to their jobs safely, so they can help other people too.”

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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