Injured dog and its owner rescued from ‘rugged’ area of Strathcona Park

Injured dog and its owner rescued from 'rugged' area of Strathcona Park

An injured dog and its owner were rescued from a mountainous area of Strathcona Park Sunday.

According to a Campbell River Search and Rescue press release, they were contacted by the RCMP to at around 10:30 a.m. on July 19 to rescue a hiker whose dog had become injured and unable to proceed at Strathcona Park.

Fortunately, the hiker had an Inreach satellite communications device and was able to inform Campbell SAR of her exact location.

Campbell River SAR members along with Grizzly Helicopters were able to locate the hiker and her injured dog on Flower Ridge Trail at an elevation of about 1,250 metres.

The dog and the hiker were brought safely back to their vehicle, according to Campbell River SAR, who also said the hiker and her dog had made it 6 kilometres along the trail.

Campbell River SAR also said the incident is a good reminder that those who are planning to hike in Strathcona Park need to be prepared and should have a GPS satellite communication device when hiking in the area.

“This area of Strathcona Park is beautiful, but rugged, and the options for communications are limited, so it is great to see hikers heading out well prepared with satellite communications in case they are in need of help,” said Campbell River SAR in a press release.


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