‘I thought it was someone falling from the sky’: Skydiver lands safely in Victoria after close call

(Peter Vos)

It was a scary sight for those looking up in the sky in Victoria on Friday. In a video sent to CHEK News, a witness saw a skydiver’s parachute malfunction, leaving him wondering if the person landed safely.

Matt Ribiero was working on his boat when he noticed the skydiver lost his main parachute.

“Immediately, me and my friend walked over to go see where they had landed and by the time we got there, police and fire and ambulance were there,” said Ribiero. “I am glad to hear that he’s OK.”

(Matt Ribeiro)

The man that landed OK was Peter Vos. The seasoned skydiver has over 30 years and 2,400 jumps under his belt.

Vos was heading to deliver the game ball for the University of Victoria’s annual Thunderfest soccer tournament when the mishap occurred.

The moment he realized there was a malfunction with his main parachute, he relied on his extensive knowledge to land himself safely.

“A few seconds after I left the plane, I opened the parachute, I looked up and realized that it was in some line twists,” said Vos.

“I attempted to clear the line twists and realized that they weren’t getting better. At that point I realized, you know, it’s time to get rid of the main parachute and roll over and open the reserve,” he said.

GoPro footage of Vos’ fateful jump can be found below:

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Vos and his wife, Susan Ko, are happy that it all turned out well, except for one thing – they can’t seem to find the main parachute that was released.

The pair are now hoping a community member will come forward with a tip on its whereabouts.

“It landed in Gordon Head, somewhere north of the stadium. So if anybody does find it that would be great because it’s of value,” said Ko.

The couple asks that anybody who locates the parachute contact UVIC campus security so Vos can get back in the sky and do what he does best.

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