Humpback spotted playing with log off Comox Harbour


Video courtesy: Lifeforce Foundation

A humpback named “Lorax” was spotted off Comox Harbour Sunday, taking some time to have a bit of playtime — all caught on video.

The ecology organization Lifeforce spotted the behavior. When whales rest it is called “logging” however Peter Hamilton of Lifeforce dubbed this “play logging”.

“This rare type of “play logging” ads to our knowledge of their complex lives,” says Hamilton, Lifeforce Ocean Friends Director in a statement.

“I watched her repeatedly going back and forth diving with the large log, lifting it onto her head and actively playing with it. Her playtime lasted for over 45 minutes. Then she joined two other humpbacks.”

Hamilton says there have been five similar sightings over the years of this behavior, with one previous happening with Lorax.

The groups say they have a special connection with the 4-year-old whale as it was the first humpback curiously approach their boat when they moved their work to the Island.


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