Hot weather rounds out August on Vancouver Island

Hot weather rounds out August on Vancouver Island
WatchTemperatures across most of the island were well above normal this afternoon.
Vancouver Islanders enjoy the hot weather on Aug. 28, 2019.

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Temperatures reached the low 30s on parts of the Island Wednesday.

Port Alberni hit 32 C, while Gold River hit 30 C. Coastal areas on Eastern Vancouver Island even reached into the high 20’s

Temperatures are expected to moderate slightly Thursday.

Environment Canada Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Armel Castellan said a ridge of high pressure has been building over BC.

“This is a ridge that has built over the last couple of days. It’s quite strong. Not quite heat warning criteria but very close,” Castellan said.

Castellan said temperatures are 6 C to 7 C above normal but because it is the end of August, temperatures are cooling off overnight.

Temperatures are expected to drop over the long weekend with rain expected over most of the island.

“At this point, it looks like it’s going to certainly become closer to seasonal values, 22s, 23s, as opposed to 28s and even 30s in the interior of the island,” Castellan said.

As for September, Castellan said conditions will likely stay dry until the middle of the month. He added sea surface temperatures are above average so fall temperatures have a higher probability of being above seasonal.

That has wildfire officials keeping a close eye on the wildfire danger for the island. Right now it’s high to extreme across parts of the south island and even a bit of rain this weekend might not reduce the risk that much.

“We’re expecting scattered showers and minimal rain and more hot temperatures next week so we’re still expecting the fire danger rating to be high and we’re asking the public to remain cautious in the forested areas,” said Fire Information Officer Nicole Gagnon.

The good news is there will likely won’t be a campfire ban for the rest of the season.


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