Holy cow! Sooke residents spot cows on the loose in Sunriver Estates


WATCH: A herd of cows wander around Sunriver Estates. Video Credit: Brooke Ervin. This video has no sound.

People who live in Sooke are used to seeing all kinds of wildlife, including deer, raccoons, cougars and bears. However, on Tuesday morning a different animal was seen in one neighbourhood.

At around 8:30 a.m., a herd of cows was spotted in Sunriver Estates. Brooke Irvin captured the strange sight on Stonewood Drive. In her video, the herd of cows meandered down the road before going onto a lawn between houses. Ervin joked that she had always blamed deer for destroying her garden but clearly, it was the cows.

The cows were also seen by Tiffiny Fawcett, who said it was quite an experience opening her door to take her children to the bus stop then seeing cows in her front yard eating her plants.

“This is no joke. This is on my street and this is what I came out to take my kids to the bus stop and found,” Fawcett said in a video she took of the cows.

“There are cows on my street.”

WATCH: Tiffiny Fawcett took this video of cows on her street while she was getting ready to head to her children’s bus stop. 

WEB Tiffiny Fawcett Cow Video

WEB Tiffiny Fawcett Cow Video

Duration 14s

Tiffiny Fawcett shared this photo of the cows in her front yard.

Tiffiny Fawcett shared this photo of the cows on her street.

Sgt. Jeff McArthur from Sooke RCMP said the cattle were eventually rounded up.

“We sent our most experienced livestock expert Const. Jon Treen. He, like a seasoned cattle dog, herded the cows off the road and into the bush,” McArthur said.

“Then with his superior skills as an investigator – tracked down the very appreciative farmer to let him know the location of his cattle.”



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