Group in Langford hoping to have $3.8 million property preserved as a park

Group in Langford hoping to have $3.8 million property preserved as a park
WatchA group in Langford is hoping to have a $3.8 million property preserved as a park. Hannah Lepine has more.

Located in between Goldstream and Gowlland Tod Provincial Park on the WSANEC Traditional Territory, sits Magical Mountain.

It’s a beautiful place, with 100 acres of mature forest blanketed with wildflowers, lively ecosystems and a stunning waterfront.

“It’s been a private property that has been untouched it’s been able to thrive,” says Kristen Awram.

But that could soon change.

Awram has been hiking the land for several years and after noticing private property signs go up and a listing for the property online, she started to worry. She contacted the owner in hopes they would take the listing down, giving her more time to come up with a better plan, but they declined.

The listing advertises the 120-year-old forest property to be worth $2.5 million if it was sold and harvested for timber.

“That was just an alarm for me. As a forest and tree lover, and as a neighbour to the parcel — and cause I know it so well — I know how much value there is beyond timber,” says Awram.

So Awram decided to start an online petition in hopes other residents agreed the parcel should be kept as is. It now has over 19,000 signatures.

“We felt pretty confident the public would support this and they have,” says Awram, who then contacted BC Parks and the CRD hoping they would buy the land and preserve it as a park open to the public.

She says the CRD seemed to encourage the idea and had a team come survey the property.

“That is a confidential assessment and of course there’s been no promises made. They will review their assessment with the board and the parks committee,” says Awram.

As she waits for the review, she is crossing her fingers this hidden gem doesn’t get picked up by a buyer.

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