Greater Victorians, have your say! Fill in the Vital Signs Survey

Greater Victorians, have your say! Fill in the Vital Signs Survey

If you live in Greater Victoria you have the chance until July 1 to help decide how millions of dollars are allocated to organizations across the region by filling in a Vital Signs Survey.

“It really is the DNA of our organization,” says Rob Janus, the Victoria Foundation’s Director of Communications.

“We use it in all aspects of what we do, in terms of working with our donor community and having them understand the community better,” Janus explains.

“What are the priority issues? What’s going on?  And also, right through to our granting, [because] when an organization applies for one of our community grants, they have to identify which Vital Signs issue area that their priority is working on.  That way we can line up the priority issues with a way to make an impact on the community.”

That is why filling in a survey is so important, whether you’re 18 or 88.

“We really want people from across the region to chime in,” says Janus.  “Seniors and youth, that’s where we’re really trying to get more representation. In particular this year, we’re really looking for some Westshore representation, and out on the Peninsula, which are typically a little under-served in terms of survey responses.”

Janus wants to spread the word that there are various ways to take the survey.

“You can take it online, you can take it on your mobile device, you can take it on a desktop computer,” said Janus.  “It’s just a series of questions that you walk through.  What you think are the different issue areas, and how you think we’re doing in these areas?  And also we collect some demographic information about the citizens that are taking the survey.”

“Last year we saw addictions take a large jump in terms of the top 12 issues, as well as childcare, and I think that reflects what’s going on in the community right now,” Janus adds.

Click here to take the Vital Signs survey.

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